Kitchen Secrets 101


You’re in the middle of baking up your favorite batch of chocolate chip cookies but you ran out of buttermilk. You’re in the process of making the family favorite pumpkin pie for fall, but you ran out of allspice. What do you do? Do you curl up in a corner and cry because it’s too late to go to the grocery store? Or do you rave through your pantry and refrigerator to see what items you could use to substitute? I suggest the latter.

Food Preparation

We all know the pre-cooking and the post-cooking are the two elements most disliked by chefs of all ages and all levels of culinary expertise. And honestly? You’re not alone there! Cutting, dicing, mincing, shredding, washing, wiping, and the list goes on–it’s just exhausting! There are of course, certain food preparation methods that we can’t get away from, but there are easier and more efficient ways of cooking and preparation, which we will share with you.

For some ingredient substitution examples, please click on the graph below!