Our Services

Hispanic Food Communications helps you reach the Hispanic consumer with information about health and nutrition — and how your products fit into a healthy lifestyle. For nearly 15 years, Hispanic Food Communications has used its culinary and cultural expertise to deliver your message to an increasingly health-conscious Hispanic population.

Nutrition and Culinary Consulting

Weight-related health problems are on the rise in the Hispanic population. Hispanic Food Communications can help you present your products as a part of a healthy lifestyle for Hispanics. We address how products can meet the nutritional needs of families

Cultural Insights

With expertise in both nutrition and Hispanic culture, we can help navigate the different flavors and food vocabulary across the varied Hispanic market. One size doesn’t fit all. Popular flavors in southern Mexico may not appeal to Puerto Rican consumers.

Media Outreach

From television, radio and print to personal appearances at conferences and tradeshows, Hispanic Food Communications can be your voice. Founder Sylvia Meléndez Klinger is an experienced media spokesperson with appearances on English- and Spanish-language media to address a range of

Our Clients

Hispanic Food Communications works with corporate clients and non-profit organizations in the United States, Mexico, Central America and Europe. Here's a sample.