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Soybean Oil: The Little Black Dress o...

Soybean Oil

You know the magic of a great little black dress: you can dress it up for a fancy dinner or pair it with funky accessories for a casual date. It’s versatile – and it works for almost every occasion. As a Registered Dietitian, I’m often asked if there’s a multipurpose cooking oil I can recommend […]


Can Low Calorie Sweeteners Help Hispa...


For many people, a first step in the fight to lose weight is to replace added sugars in beverages and foods with low calorie sweeteners. But among Hispanics in the United States, who face a growing problem with overweight and obesity, low calorie sweetener use is much lower than average. Could a switch to low […]


National Nutrition Month: Lighten Up ...

Woman cutting vegetables

During the long cold winter, many of us put on a few extra pounds. Now that spring is here, it’s time to shake off the extra pounds for a healthier you! National Nutrition Month is a great time to focus on the balance of calories and exercise that your body needs to maintain or lose […]


Avocado: The Delicious Nutrient Boost...

Avocado hummus dip

If you’re an avocado fan, here’s another good reason to enjoy delicious avocados.  A recent study by The Ohio State University (OSU) showed that eating avocado helped your body absorb provitamin A and convert it to Vitamin A.  So adding some creamy avocado to your meal can give you an overall nutrient boost. The OSU […]


Saving the Great Taste of Summer

Sliced peppers

Right now, farmer’s markets and grocery stores are bursting with wonderful summer fruits and vegetables. It’s tempting to stock up on peppers, onions, summer squash, eggplant, and tomatoes, but how do you use them up before they spoil? Here’s an easy way to preserve that great summer flavor: use your freezer. I was inspired to freeze […]


Top 5 Myths about Grain-Based Foods


When it comes to nutrition, everyone has an opinion. However, most consumers are confused about most nutrition topics/issues – especially when it comes to grains! After having spent a few days exploring the wheat fields, a flour mill and a pasta plant in North Dakota, my appreciation for grains has increased even more. Therefore, I […]


Is the Elimination of Sugar the Cure ...


Hispanic Food Communications founder Sylvia Meléndez Klinger discusses the facts about sugar on Huffington Post.  


Savor Avocado Goodness Today

Fresh Avocados: Love One Today

Avocados – yum!  Who can resist the delicious, creamy taste of avocado? If you’re concerned about healthy eating, avocados can play an important role in your diet. Avocados contain naturally good fats and no cholesterol, plus fiber, potassium and iron. Learn more about the benefits of fresh avocados at Love One Today. Avocados are a […]


Eat Healthy with Home-Grown Foods

Herbs & flowers

Nothing beats the taste of a just-picked tomato or the bright flavor of fresh herbs. If you’re looking for great flavor this year, it’s time to start planning and planting your vegetable garden. Many vegetables, fruits and herbs are easy to grow if you follow a few simple steps: Find a sunny spot outside. Most […]


Consejos para la digestión saludable

Photo Nov 27, 1 43 46 PM

Hoy mucha gente que tiene problemas digestivos, excluyen ciertos grupos de alimentos o siguen las dietas extremas para tratar resolverlos. Los problemas digestivos te hacen incómodo y pueden ser embarazoso de vez en cuando. Aquí hay recomendaciones para reducir la flatulencia y para dejar que el sistema digestivo trabaje mejor. Comer más fibra La fibra […]


Best Food Buys in April


The key to a healthy diet is making smart choices when it comes to your nutrition. Including foods from every food group allows your body to get every nutrient it needs to keep you healthy and energized.  In order to get the maximum amount of nutrients from your foods, make sure you choose fruits and […]


Add Fiber for Fullness and Health

Vegetables at the market

Incorporate more fiber in your diet. You have probably heard this many times before but do you know why fiber is actually important? Fiber plays an important role for your digestive system and helps alleviate constipation. Foods containing fiber offer other important benefits such as lowering the risk of diabetes and heart disease as well […]